To Be or Not to Be…Actually Just DO IT!


I have several philosophies in life and may of them deal with being a good person and following the path less trodden! However, recently I have noticed a few things that have bothered me and I wanted to talk about it! If you have to think or decide to be NICE! then maybe you are not a nice person or it is something you should be working on…Thinking about it! If you have to say should I do this nice thing? We all have to decide to do nice things at times and it does not mean we re mean or evil, especially if someone just did something rude or mean to us; however. if you find that ever chance you get you are contemplating the nice or right thing, there may be a problem!

I am not saying put yourself in a dilemma by any means but don’t over think being nice! It should not always be a life or death decision! It should start becoming second nature for you. Example, you are in traffic and a car wants to squeeze in from a side street. I would automatically let them, but would you? Would you just ignore them? Would you only let them in if you were already stopped, would you only let them in if the car beside you stopped? What would make you let them squeeze in? Obviously I’m not saying slam on brakes and let this person in if traffic is in full speed but if you are in wall to wall traffic you likely are not going anywhere anytime soon…so why are you so pressed not to let this person in as if one more car is really going to make THAT much of a difference? If it were you that was trying to squeeze in you would be very annoyed that no one would let you in? So I implore you to think along those lines praying that there were more people who are acting nice/kind as second nature versus those who have to think about it!

People who have to think about it…well they are/ may be working on it to get to this point. This may be a goal for them. This is a step in the right direction. I am glad for those who are transitioning. It is a hard step to make because no one wants to think they are not as nice or kind as they think they are. I was there too. I would not admit it to myself either. I denied it at one point. I still find myself making excuses at times when I fall back into my transitioning phase thinking about being nice. Because we all relapse.  Especially when we have had a bad or trying day. We find ourselves thinking about being nice. We just want to get home and that car does not matter, we put on blinders and feel we will get home quicker and the next car will let them in. Or we will let in only one car. Or maybe tomorrow we will be nice. Sometimes I have even said shoot I have to potty and I am so sorry but I really am speeding to freedom and they will just have to wait, LOL. Though that is an emergency that I should not have waited until the last minute to deal with, it is still not nice when I begin to melt down in the car, losing my patience.

Though I used traffic as an example, because most of us can relate the same can be said for when we are hungry and waiting for dinner. Or waiting to go out with friends or a special event and your friends and family are taking to long to get ready and you do not want to wait on someone. Or my all time favorite deciding if we want to be nice or not to a customer service worker because we can due to the level of their job and how we feel at the time and what our order was. They don’t cook the food and even if they put it in right we choose not to be patient with them AT ALL!

We should all BE nice not just try! myself included! Just do it!

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  1. Lynz Real Cooking · September 24, 2015

    Awesome post! Something we should all do in this world! Things would be allot better!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heather · September 24, 2015

    In my head I’m singing “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, yep, I like show tunes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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