Being an Eccentric Writer

Confessions of an Eccentric Bookaholic header.jpg

So I enjoy reading  books that you just know would give you the most fascinating account of the most ordinary moments in life. These are the ones who have a flair for the eccentric, in my mind. The ones that I live to meet. I enjoy how their brains work. How you may see a wall, but how J.K. Rowling saw a brick wall that could fold back into an archway of sorts and become another shopping center or place for wizards apart from and regular humans.

I enjoy the authors who are so worked up over their work that they are overprotective over it until it is printed and sometimes even then they are a bit secretive and dodgy because they have taken on anxious paranoia like their characters (or perhaps they were like this to begin with which is how the basis for how the book came to be blossomed).

I want the bitter, the turmoil, the playful competitive nature between authors, and the “sneaky one he is, I once knew that bugger”, or the, “she’s brilliant can’t wait to see her again” or he is someone I have admired since I was a child I can hardly wait to meet them”  moments. I do not need to be famous I would just love to have that inner sanctum talk, the ‘in- crowd’ galas and dinners where I get to further my career and entertain my readers by possibly making personality traits based off these people and seeing what comes out of my generator. I bet it would be amazing. Just seeing what comes out. That would be the psychology courses seeping through me again but I know it would be pure gold. Something like a game of clue but instead of a murder it would be a match the author to a book. My first questions to each author besides what/ who inspired them to write which you can probably find online is what is your biggest fantasy and what genre do you despise and why? This gives more insight into them I feel because we can see with a passion what they love but to understand why they then despise another genre gives you another side you may not know.

Moreover, to each author every situation just like with any normal person is just as they see it and interpret it. Someone else in the same situation may see it totally different. So when you add a FLARE to it of whimsical magic or deathly gore, you have to know it is going to be Wonderfully Amazing and Shocking Thrilling and everything in between. I just get goosebumps imagining myself like may father sitting in a room full of idols as he has done countless times and just hanging on their every word as I have watched him do. I mean to watch him attempt to be cool when in actuality I know the man is jumping up in down like a small child inside is hilarious. And doing things that only close friends or family would notice is hilarious (things that we would consider drooling over his idols without actually drooling of course). When he begins to do his intellectual droning on a subject out of nervousness or his many different laughs, hand shakes, or his questions that we all know will catapult a person into a series of long explanations on a subject because you have likely flattered them or it simply takes that long to explain, LOL. Yes, I observe these things in people and family alike.

I wonder how other writers will perceive me? Will I be the eccentric writer who has a need for something in their minds? I’m sure I will be. What that will be I have no idea. I am quite interested to know the gossip though I cannot let it run my life. I feel like Chrisette Michele’s song Super Chris which is why I call it my Anthem:

Don’t wake me up too early in the morning
I really need my tea, some watermelon please, so sweet
I got a problem with the break of dawning
A diva really does need her sleep
I’m brave I’m bold but first I need my TV
A little bit of news, a couple of cartoons, yes please
Check Instagram and all the twitter postings
I wonder what the world thinks of me

Am I a superstar
Is that who I are?
I’m a superstar
No not really though
Not really, not at all
I’m fierce
A super Chris
(Uh huh, I is, a Super duper Chris
I am, my best, I can only be Chris)

[Verse 2]
I’m insecure I’m really only normal
Some days I’m really cute, some days I’m really brutally not
Some days I’m free some days I’m really formal, yeah
Depending if the wind blows or stops, uh
Is it okay that I write what I think for a living?
Wouldn’t you say that my jobs pretty great, i think so
I like your song baby, I’ll sing along with one heart
Unity is why I make art, yeah

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