Dream me a little dream


Everyone has dreams that they wish they could just live inside of, even those dreams that they feel guilty they had but still did not want to end. I can honestly say the only time I feel guilty about my dreams now are because I of what was suppose to be and did not come to pass and where I want to be.

However, I am honestly (as I said just a few days ago) getting back to happy. I just cannot keep allowing others to make me feel so trapped and closed in, stifled and suffering while they somehow get pleasure and I don’t.

My dreams have always been both an escape and a warning/lesson. they tend to passively remind and teach me the things that I do not want to see or learn when I am awake. Moreover, my dreams are an escape into the great possibilities that can be when I just let myself drift and stop fighting.

Even if sometimes they do get a little weird…that just makes it more interesting because usually it doesn’t even seem weird until I really think about it a few days later. Usually weird seems perfectly normal to me. I enjoy a weird life! #teamweird


  1. Michael Seidel · September 3, 2016

    Yes, my dreams get weird but they’re so helpful to me for recovering balance and direction. Thank the neurons that my mind understands my needs better than me. I just wish I could remember more of last night’s weird dream. It had to do with soap, and something inside the soap.

    A partially remembered dream is like a piece of popcorn kernel stuck between my teeth.

    Thanks for the post. Cheers

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    • Lady CAS · September 3, 2016

      HEHEHE I love that popcorn analogy I feel the same way. I had a rather weird dream and due to broken sleep and I feel like my dream is right on the edge of my memory but if I think about it too long it evades me so I have to passively think about it and it becomes more clear.

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