Falling in Love all over again


I love music! Music gives me something that nothing else in this world can give me. It creates a picture in my mind that and soothes my soul in a way that no person can. It speaks to me in a way that sets my entire being into action.

While randomly looking up who my famous birthday counterparts are I ran across Smokey Robinson. Now I am only 31 but when I tell you this man could sing me words within ANY congressional bill which I find highly confusing and boring (though I am sure it is informative and educational) and I would swoon. Take me I’m YOURS!

200 (2).gif

He still looks great for his age and has the voice of an ANGEL.If this man asked me right now to marry him I may have to would go to commit a crime of polygamy. I would have him sing once a month random things like about a tea cup, or the flip flop for a about 15-30 seconds just to make sure I was not dreaming.

200 (3).gif


WHY you say? Why the randomness. Well because I have heard all his music and singing his music would make believe I was in fact dreaming, hearing something I have never heard would make me feel more secure that it was not a dream. I would only request one other thing, to have one beautiful child with this man. I’m not asking that it has his beautiful eyes, hair, skin, or anything. Just again another piece of him and way to know this was NOT a dream or rather a DREAM come TRUE.

His music just transports me to another place. I can see myself in different times both that I have lived with other people and times that I wished that I could have lived back in times when William Robinson, Jr. was dating, dancing, and so on. He weaves such a whimsical tapestry that the vivid colors, sounds, and images swirl about in my mind making me giddy with happiness.

200 (2).gif

Now imagine, if I am like this with just one piece of music how I can feel when with each different track and artist I put in. I feel so amazed and enthralled by each piece. I get so emotional. My music can cause me to feel a way I did not feel earlier or I can intentionally seek out music to extend the mood I am already in. I have to be careful with the music I listen to for that reason. I do not carry around a lot of ‘angry’ music or negative music for that reason because I have no desire to feel that way. Though I have associated some of my music with sadder times and events due to when it was on. I still try not to have any ‘hate, anger, mad’ music that encourages those thoughts or feelings within me as I feel such emotions easily within my music.

I do not believe rap insights these things within people, but if you associate a bad event with a certain song this is instead where it starts, not the song itself. The song speaks to you because it may help a primal depth of what you are feeling as you are already feeling a certain way, but the song itself is not the culprit just the vessel of expression.


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