One of My Favorite Things…MG Tools


One of my favorite MG tools is my crockpot. Though this is a tool that helps save time for most anyone whether you have MG or not. If you asked me if I EVER saw myself using one when I was younger I would have said NEVER. The reasons were because they were hard to clean back in the day due to them being all in one and never having and the type of material that they were made of. Moreover, I also thought of them as preparing old people foods such as soups, roasts, and the like. I like soups but I am not a fan of roasts really.

However, now with the invention of crockpot liners, ceramic crockpots, and the fact that they are able to be in more than one piece so you can wash them more easily helps me want to use them even more so. Furthermore, I have found some of the most amazing recipes lately that I have been cooking up a storm in the last year. Most people, women, do not ask their husbands for a crockpot for their anniversary but I did. I wanted to be able to cook more and was tired of not being able to do more around the house. I am very used to doing th majority of the house work and cooking so when I get super tired and could not I was not happy with eating out all the time. So I started doing research adn looking on one of my favorite websites ( They had all these slowcooker/ crockpot recipes and recipes I knew I could modify to become crockpot recipes. So I did. I could put food in there in the morning and when I got home it would be a meal. And on the days I wanted to be an ‘old’ person I could have soup, lol.

My husband was thrilled and he enjoyed the  news things I created and of all the things I asked for it was one of the cheapest things a person could ask for it more than paid for itself. At this point he is like you need a bigger one so he can have bigger portion sizes, LOL. He bought me a 6 quart one and that can feed a family easily but he eats so many servings in one setting sometimes that I have to make extra food over the course of two days. The man is a very thin and works hard but can put it away and only God knows where!

I have learned that some of my favorite recipes on the stove can be put in the crockpot now so that I can reserve my energy and that has made me a happy camper and my husband as well. I have gotten in a good rhythm and I am so happy that I am able to do better with balancing work and home chores.

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