My Mind V. Reality (How Cheerful I Really Am)



There are days people ask how I can be so cheery all the time and it’s because in my mind I am thinking in vivid detail of pictures just like this and some a million times worse that make me smile and that’s the smile they see sometimes while they are complaining and being rude, LMBO!


I forget the name of this movie but it’s another thing I think about when people come! I know that sometimes they are having a bad day but taking it out on me is not the answer, I am not your whipping post. So I just smile and this is my vision! Because they must be dreaming to believe I had anything to do with what happened to them that day, plus I wouldn’t mind giving them a little slap to “wake’ them!

I will say that I am really a nice person and I get that I am sometimes the only human interaction people get all day so I really want to be that shining light for them, but geesh sometimes I almost have to tap dance to make a person’s day and get a smile out of them by the end of the day. Once they leave or at the end of the year when people say how positively we have affected them it is worth it; however, until then some days you almost wonder if that itchy palm should just reach up and slap them, LOL.

bitch slapper.jpg

Excuse my language there! People need to remember that customer service is an art and we have to love to do it so please do not forget that we are human too. I enjoy what I do and I enjoy people so I keep doing it but please do not forget when I have my bad days most people just do not see it, LOL.


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